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Rubber antioxidant RD(TMQ)
Chemical Name: polymerized 2,2,4-trimetyl ―1,2―dihydroguinoline(resinous)   
 Molecular Formula: (C12H15N)n
Technical Index: GB8826-88 
Amber to slight brown granules or flakes
Assay of 2,3,4 polymerized
soft point
≤0.30 %
Loss On heating
Scopes of application:
      For natural and synthetic rubber, this product showed an excellent prevents effects on
    rubber aging caused by thermal and oxygen, perdurable performance. Due to good
    compatibility with rubber, it can improve the performances of rubber compound by     increasing its consumption quantity.
      This product is used with dosages of 0.2-7 proportions; the normal consumption is 0.5-
    3 proportions. Due to high solubility in rubber compound, you don’t worry about bloom in     large-quantity consumption. And showed some protection performance even if small
    dosage.As per its characters, it may be sole used for rubber products which has strict
    requirement in the performance of hot oxygen aging resistance. At the same time, it may
    adjust the consumption quantity of antioxidant RB according to different strictly     requirements of hot oxygen aging resistance.Better results can be achieved by using with     antioxidant MB.
      In paper bag of 25kgs net each, lined with plastic film bag.
      Don’t contact directly to skin and avoid moisture, cautiously used in latex articles

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