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  • FEP resin Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene
  • metaldehyde information 2014
  • kunming phone has raised to 8 numbers昆明固定电话升至8位.
  • New company website started.
  • 2012春节放假SPRING HOLIDAY
  • 2011 Ferterlizer stock quantity over10000 Mt
  • Premier Wen: China's economy headed in right direction
  • 嘉信德化工新增塑料品种
  • Jiaxinde chemicals all workers celebrate China 60years birthday
  • 昆明嘉信德化工有限公司紧急提醒各客户,ATTENTION
  • Bank of China transacts first cross-border yuan settlement
  • Chinese capital market remains optimistic
  • 2009 Spring festival
  • NBS chief: China's economy in good shape despite global financial turmoil

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